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Lowe Dance Studio offers a variety of class options in nearly every genre of dance. Students are taught basic technique, rhythm, and performance skills in each discipline. Registration for classes can be done online below. Please review our dress code policy and tuition amount before registering.

Note: class ages are based on the child's age as of October 31 of that school year.

Combination Class (Half and Half)

This program offers 4 levels of instruction (Pre, I, II, and III) for boys and girls age 3-8 and is a combination class of multiple styles.

  • Ballet, Tap, and Tumbling are offered to Levels Pre and I (ages 3-4)
  • Ballet and Tap are offered Level 2 (ages 5 & 6, Kindergarten)
  • Tap, and Jazz are offered to Level 3 (ages 7 & 8, First Grade). It is recommended for students in level III also take Pre-Ballet.

Very basic beginning instruction is learned, increasing difficulty each year. Children also learn cooperation and classroom etiquette, along with developing life-long friendships.



This program is offered to boys and girls age 4 through high school. Students will learn proper stretching and strengthening techniques to accomplish skills parallel to gymnastic floor exercise. Tumbling passes include cartwheels and walkovers, to advanced stunts such as, handsprings, tucks, and aerial work.

Advanced students are invited to participate in Jr. Advanced and Sr. Advanced level classes.

Acro Arts curriculum is used by our Acro Arts certified trained instructors.


This program is offered to boys and girls age 5-7 including two levels. Level I: age 5-6, Level II: age 6-7. Students learn beginning fundamentals of Ballet technique including proper alignment, positions, and basic terminology. Coordination, direction, and classroom etiquette are learned through fun activities at the barre, center floor and across the floor to prepare for Ballet I.



This program is offered to boys and girls age 8 through adult. Students can choose to follow a vigorous training program parallel to a professional program, or a program to enhance other forms of dance or acrobatics. Ten levels of graded ballet technique is carefully taught. Much emphasis on proper placement, alignment, port de bras, epaulement, and strength is given.

Students are evaluated in class to extend their training en pointe, by invitation only.


This program is offered to boys and girls age 8 through adult. All styles of tap dancing will be taught including Buck & Wing, Soft Shoe, and Waltz, among others. Many rhythms are learned in this percussion dance form. Tap dancing enhances rhythms and dynamics in Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Modern class.



This program is offered to boys and girls age 8 years through adult. Jazz technique is stressed through Classical, Broadway or Musical Theatre, and Funk styles. Students are encouraged to include Ballet classes along with their jazz class to get the most out of their jazz technique.


This program is offered to boys and girls age 8 years through adult. Various styles of Modern will be incorporated. Students will learn to move through space, create many shapes, transfer weight and defy gravity through lifts, jumps, and leaps. It is recommended that students have Ballet or Jazz training prior to Modern.

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Hip Hop

This program is offered to boys and girls age 6 years through adult. Many styles of Hip Hop are reviewed. Students are encouraged to include Jazz classes along with their Hip Hop class to get the most of their Hip Hop training.